I typically like to book events on my own for my trips. I was researching Egypt and realized that trying to get myself around was not going to be easy. As I searched online, I found Mara. I worked with her for several weeks to setup a 10 day visit to Cairo and Luxor. After many e-mails we basically came up with here standard tour….lol.

Mara and her setup guy / fixer in Cairo, Ahmed, made the entire time go very smoothly. Every day for the 5 days we were in Cairo, Ahmed met us at our hotel with the guide for the day and made sure everything was going well. The 5th day he gave us the Medieval Cairo tour himself. That was the day it rained and Cairo was totally flooded. In addition, we were to fly to Luxor that afternoon but no flights flew that day due to a sandstorm in Luxor. Ahmed helped us thru the whole ordeal including booking an extra hotel in Cairo for that night. Because of this problem our itinerary was messed up. Mara stepped in and made changes so that we still could do all the temples, etc. we had planned to do.

Also, this was during the corona virus scare. All of our flights inside and outside of Egypt were cancelled and changed. Ahmed helped to identify a direct flight to the US that got us home before any closure happened from Egypt.
Even will all the tenseness, we had a great visit. I would recommend, if you are doing your bucket list Egypt trip, give Mara a shout. I’m sure you will be happy you did.
Family.  Marshall Weigand -USA.  March 2020 Egypt 9 nights  Reviewed on TripAdvisor