Getting Real About Travel Bloggers Who Get on My Nerves

While the world of travel blogging is brimming with passionate and talented writers who captivate and educate their readers, it’s hard to ignore the surge of aspiring writers who seem more interested in padding their wallets than providing genuine value. In this post, I’m shining a spotlight on those lackluster, profit-driven bloggers who waste both your time and mine. If you’re discerning enough, you’ll quickly identify them amidst the vast expanse of online content.”

These repetitive blogs follow a predictable formula:

  • a brief self-introduction, followed by 6-10 lines of vacuous content about a famous landmark.
  • A dazzling photo, whether they’re in it or not, punctuates the pattern.
  • Within those 6-10 lines, you’re sure to encounter at least one link enticing you to buy a product or explore another page on their site. This strategic SEO technique keeps you clicking from link to link, convincing search engines that their site is a treasure trove of information.
  • Many of these blogs appear to be under the same ad management umbrella, which might explain their striking similarities. They relentlessly promote every conceivable product that can fit in a suitcase, including the suitcase itself.
  • But when it comes to the cultural depth and personal experiences of the monuments they visit, they offer little more than generic enthusiasm, leaving one to wonder if they truly explored these sites.
  • In stark contrast to their information on the monuments, they wax poetic about the hotels where they enjoy complimentary stays in exchange for glowing endorsements on their blogs and social media platforms, boasting their impressive follower counts.
  • Their culinary recommendations often revolve around the same handful of Egyptian dishes, neglecting the rich variety of local cuisine in favor of fast-food favorites.
  • Furthermore, they unwittingly propagate widespread misconceptions about Egypt, driving my original inspiration to expose these disingenuous travel bloggers. The modern myths they perpetuate are so many they deserve their own dedicated post, which I’ll delve into after this.

Transparency in advertising is crucial; there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it’s transparent. What’s becoming increasingly intolerable, however, is the way these blogs hijack our time.  Their adept SEO tactics and enticing introductory snippets in Google searches lure us in, only for us to discover that we’ve squandered precious minutes of our lives on yet another vacuous piece of content.  However, I am sure that one day google will find a way to weed out the time wasters.

Occasionally, we encounter a different breed of blogger—the ones who choose to stay at Mara House and experience our curated packages in Cairo, Luxor, and Nile Cruises to Aswan.  They certainly craft more engaging blogs about their “independent” adventures in Egypt, however, a photograph or two of Mara House and a nod to the invaluable guidance provided by our team would certainly be a thoughtful gesture.

You will find my full expose of 15 modern myths about Egypt that you really should not believe here.