“The Treasure” story begins in 1975 with the return of Hasan to his father’s mansion in Luxor, Egypt.  I really like this Egyptian film for several reasons quite apart from the fact that it is a very watchable movie.

Why I like the film:

  • The settings, locations and backdrops to the scenes are real and authentic not like some of the stupid stuff coming out of Hollywood these days such as “The Gods of Egypt”.  That film is so fake and false I could not even watch it to the end.   I really do like Gerard Butler and think he must have been mad to sign up to that one!  Anyway, if you have already been to Cairo and Luxor you will get a real kick out of recognising the buildings and locations.
  • While parts of the film are loosely historically accurate, other parts, such as the Hatshepsut story makes for great viewing because it’s the story we hear when visiting her Temple on the West Bank.
  • The story moves backwards and forward through history naturally and effortlessly by means of the various flashback scenes.
  • I love time-travel films (my favourite being the “Outlander” series) and though this is a more “reincarnation” film (I think) it is still a great movie for Egypt lovers.

I don’t want to ruin the movie for you so I will be as brief as possible here.  Hasan has to work through clues left for him by his father so he can find the treasure.  But there is a twist here because his duty is to protect the treasure.  This is a sacred duty passed down through generations.

The flashbacks to Pharaonic times open a lovely window into the life of Hatshepsut, Tutmoses I, II and III as well as her secret love affair with Senenmut.

The area around Khan El Khalili and Medieval Cairo feature strongly in the scenes set in the Abassid era when Egypt was ruled by governors sent by Damascus and Baghdad.

Finally you will get a glimpse into the Cairo timeline of a young President Sadat and King Farouk.

“The Treasure” is only the first part of a two part film and I am hoping that “The Treasure 2” will soon be on Netflix also!!

I highly recommend this film if you are thinking of coming to Egypt,  It will get your imagination going when you visit places like Luxor Temple, the West Bank in Luxor and the Mosques of Sultan Hassan and Rifai in Old Cairo.  The history will perhaps have a little more meaning to you.  Also, as I said above, if you have already been here, you will really enjoy seeing the sites you visited being used in the movie.


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