Once upon a time, in a land far away called Keor, nestled on the mystical island of Undal, there lived a young lad whose curiosity was boundless.  His name was not well known among the island’s inhabitants, but his insatiable thirst for knowledge set him apart from the rest.  This boy, was the son of Thotme, a  keeper in the Great Temple of Undal, one of the ten sacred islands that made up the legendary Atlantis.

Now, this Great Temple of Undal was no ordinary place. It was a sanctuary where a group known as the “Children of Light” resided.  The inhabitants of the other islands, like Thotme and his son, were simply referred to as the “Children of Men.”

Thotme had grown accustomed to his son’s never-ending barrage of questions. It seemed that with every answer he provided, more questions sprang forth from the boy’s inquisitive mind.   As a result, the young lad had come to grasp many of the Temple’s secrets long before he had reached the age of manhood.

One day, Thotme arrived home brimming with excitement. He had received a summons to appear before the Dweller of the Temple.  This Dweller served as an intermediary between the mysterious Children of Light and the ordinary Children of Men, for few humans could gaze upon the Children of Light and live to tell the tale.

There were 32 Children of Light. They came from a distant planet, and realized just how little the human race knew of the sciences they possessed.  These benevolent beings, from a faraway time and space, came to our world, fashioning for themselves bodies that closely resembled humans.  Deep within the Earth’s core, they carved out grand chambers.  In one of these chambers, they placed a radiant, flaming flower, encircled by thirty-two majestic thrones.  This radiant bloom was both the Giver of Life and the Bestower of Light, endowing great power upon all who dared to approach it.

The boy spent many, many, years learning the mysteries of the Universe from the Dweller of the Temple, until one day he took the boy before the flaming flower, renamed him “Thoth” and told him he was now free from the laws of Space, Time and Death.  He was also granted the Key of Life and asked what role or work he wanted to do among the humans on Earth.  Thoth opted to be a teacher to give other humans the opportunity to break free from mundane and troublesome lives.

Thoth spent many aeons in Atlantis, learning and practicing more and more of the secret arts and sciences.  He learned how too travel to other galaxies and dimensions.  He was free from all restraints of time and space but he always returned to Atlantis.

The Destruction of Atlantis

There were some humans like Thoth who, because of their knowledge and skills had risen high among the humans in other islands.  Like in the story of Adam and Eve, there were certain things forbidden, and like Adam and Eve, those proud men could not resist the temptation.  They found and opened a forbidden gateway, maybe to another dimension, and the Dweller in the Temple knew in the moment of it’s opening what had happened.  

The Dweller of the Temple caused the waters to rise over the 9 islands around Undal as well as part of Undal itself and the forbidden gateway became sealed.  Before doing this he commanded Thoth to take all of his wisdom, records, magic and instruments.  He instructed Thoth to gather up the remaining sons of Atlantis and go far away to the men of the caves and the Land of Khem.  The Land of Khem is Egypt.  As they looked back from their spaceship they watched the remainder of Atlantis sink beneath the waves.  

On arrival the “hairy barbarians” of Egypt rushed to attack the space ship.  Thoth lifted his staff and with a wave of vibration froze them in their tracks.  Then he spoke of Atlantis, displayed his “magic-science” and they accepted him as their teacher. He lived among them and taught them for many centuries.

What happened to the spaceship?  Thoth buried the spaceship under the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau.

​Many aeons later, it was time for Thoth to leave and so to renew his body Thoth “blasted a path to Amenti” and placed over the entrance a Great Pyramid.  Deep under the earth he carved a chamber and created a circular passage almost to the summit, where he placed a crystal sending a ray into Time-Space.  He built other, seemingly empty, chambers in the Great Pyramid but in them are hidden the keys to Amenti.  He says in the Tablets that he built the Great Pyramid in three days.

​He advises anyone seeking the keys to purify himself first by fasting then go to the Kings Chamber inside the Great Pyramid at Giza and

“Lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my chamber.

Then reveal I to him the great mysteries.

Soon shall he follow to where I shall meet him,

even in the darkness of Earth shall I meet him, I,

Thoth, Lord of Wisdom, meet him and hold him

and dwell with him always.”

That is the story of how Thoth came to Egypt, how he built the Great Pyramid at Giza and why.  The tablets go on to record the teachings of Thoth in how to attain wisdom and happiness. and –  How to live forever, yes – how to become immortal and it only takes two hours everyday.  The question is – would you be willing to spend two hours every day doing something that would make you immortal?

​Contact me if you would like us to take you on a tour of the Giza Plateau, where you can go inside the Great Pyramid yourself and see what you think about the pink granite Sarcophagus – look at the door to the Chamber and tell me how they even got it inside the room.  People, like myself who have had a chance to lie inside the sarcophagus have tales to tell – the thing about the sarcophagus is the people who lie in it don’t always remember they did – until their appointed time.  But you must also know the secret – the secret that time is not linear, so while you may only have a few seconds inside, if you say the right words – those few seconds can encompass all time.  Better still, why not schedule the trip of a lifetime and come with me on one of my own group tours?