Why choose Mara House for your Tours in Cairo?

There are zillions of travel agents and tour operators to choose from for your tours in Cairo, so why choose us?  For the answer to that, may I ask you to take a quick look at our reviews on the Mara House Luxor page ?  And then you will know.  If you are wondering do you need a guide in Cairo – check out my post ‘Do I need a guide in Cairo?  and here is an independent view from a young tourist  

It is really only at Giza that you will get unbearable hassle so you should take a guide there.  For the other sites in Cairo you can just buy a guide book and use google maps but you will miss out on a lot of interesting information and stories without a guide and have the hassle of taxi drivers.  If you do decide to get a taxi to a monument, do make sure before you let the taxi go that you will be able to get a taxi back – places like the Citadel, for the most part, do not have passing taxis that will stop if you wave them down.  On the other hand, you will, more or less, be left explore the monuments in Cairo in peace.

My Tours in Cairo:

  • Include all the entry fees on the sites, great guide and air-conditioned transport.
  • Will not surprise you with ‘extras’ at any site – any optional extras are detailed from the beginning in the tour descriptions.

Click on the tours listed for full details and you can also email me maraegypt@gmail.com for prices on your preferred tours.  You will save a lot of money by visiting two or even three sites on the same day as opposed to just one per day.

GIZA PLATEAU – Full Details

SAQQARA & MEMPHIS – Full Details

CAIRO MUSEUM – Full Details

male guide giving information in Cairo Museum of Antiquities
Mohamed from Mara House Tours explaining the exhibits in the Antiquities Museum, Cairo


Part of the amazing ceiling in the Mohamed Ali Mosque



MYTHICAL TOUR in Cairo – Full Details

This is our Tour to Gayer Anderson House and Ibn Tulun Mosque.  Of all the tours in Cairo we do I really love the Gayer Anderson House – I think it is my most favorite place to visit.  I love the story of Major R.G. Gayer-Anderson Pasha   I love the house, it’s legends and secrets.  I love the legends that are part of the Ibn Tulun mosque – it is a real shame that the majority of tourists miss out on visiting these gems!


ABDEEN PALACE – more info

To avoid duplication and because 99% of our guests also take our accommodation at Mara House in Luxor as well as our tours in Luxor and tours in Cairo, you will find the guest comments on our Tours in Cairo on the Mara House Luxor page