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Explore Luxor’s Ancient Treasures in Peace

I (Mara) am normally not a big fan of guided tours myself – the words conjure up a mental image for me of being hurried and herded around in a large group of people like a pack of sheep.  It is usually much more appealing to me to slowly wander around places of interest, guide book in hand; or just looking and soaking up the atmosphere, while going back in history in my imagination.   I tried this over two years after the events of Jan 25, 2011 in Cairo and it took me all that time to come to grips with finding my way around and unearthing the least known sites. 

The Luxor Experience

Luxor, however, is very different to Cairo, and that is my I included the words “in peace” in my opening line above.  Picture this: You arrive in the timeless land of Egypt, eager to explore its magical ancient sites.  But as you step into the street outside your hotel to discover Luxor, you find yourself constantly bombarded by offers from taxi drivers, calesh drivers, felluca captains and unofficial guides.  Then, just when you are under the illusion you have made it safely inside the temple grounds, and are free, you find yourself accosted by well-meaning “guardians” who promise to show you “something very special and secret”.  It can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Why Choose Guided Tours?

Here’s a question for you: Why travel all the way to Egypt and risk having a less than satisfying experience when you can make the most of your visit with good guided tours?

Our Solution

At MARA HOUSE, we understand your desire to immerse yourself in history, culture, ancient architecture, mythology and the awe-inspiring sites of Luxor without the hassle.  That’s why we offer carefully planned guided tours that ensure you have a memorable and fulfilling experience.

Mara House guides are different

Our guides at Mara House are more than just experts; they’re passionate storytellers who breathe life into Egypt’s ancient tales.  They don’t just provide the usual information you get from guides; they also draw from over 20 years of expertise in every aspect of Egyptian history throughout Egypt.  Plus, they’ve had the privilege of learning from esoterics, mystics, and healers who have stayed at Mara House and shared their knowledge, adding a unique dimension to your Luxor experience.  They have worked with me for more years than I can remember, they love their work and keep your best experience in mind.  With them, you’ll gain deeper insights and connect with the history, heritage, and mystery of these extraordinary places.  So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey like no other, let us be your trusted companions in Luxor.

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All you have to do is email me and tell me what tours you want and when you want them. and I will send you a quote.  If you have children under 18 please give me their ages in your email.

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