I am normally not a big fan of guided tours myself – the words conjure up a mental image for me of being hurried and herded around in a large group of people like a pack of sheep.  It is much more appealing to me to slowly wander around places of interest, guide book in hand; or just looking and soaking up the atmosphere, while going back in history in my imagination.  However at the moment, due to the long term lack of many tourists in Egypt – going on organised tours in Luxor is probably the easiest way to see the sites.

Tours in Luxor

The “walking man” at Luxor Temple

If you try to wander around alone you will be constantly annoyed and hassled by both official and unofficial guides and ‘guardians’ offering their service and ‘something special’.  And why would anyone waste their time and money going all the way to Egypt then risking having a less than satisfying experience in the magical ancient places?

MARA HOUSE offers TOURS IN LUXOR to the following sites

Our guides will give you the best information they have – as well as some other information and ideas, which they have gleaned from me with the passage of time, that are outside the normal Egyptological realms.  He will not take you shopping, make any detours or attempt to take money for any “extras” while guiding you on our tours in Luxor unless there is something you want which is specific to an area you are in, while on tour  We will help you with shopping outside tour times if you wish.

For now all our tours are Private Tours.  You will have your own private car/minibus, driver and guide.  We will minimise the amount of contact you have with others as much as possible.  Your car/minibus will not be used by anyone else. during your stay, if you have booked our Luxor – 3 nights package 

Comment on TripAdvisor from Tony (USA) who took our tours in Nov

“After planning for so long my Egypt trip I contacted Mara House and planned the itinerary for our group of three. I knew all the key points I wanted to visit in the West Bank, and the surrounding area such as Abydos, Abu Simbel, etc. and left the details to Mara.  I did say that I wanted to be “all Egypted-out” and I was not disappointed.  Our guide, Mohamed, through our 4 days is a wonderfully trusted, serious, and amiable person who knows just about everything and everyone.  At one point I thought…I could skip some of the smaller sites in the West Bank to make more time in the bigger sites….but I am so happy I continued with Mo’s suggestions for the Workers & Nobles tombs…smaller but i found them quite beautiful and tender.

When you don’t know the language or the places or much else you always feel a little lost but with Mohamed & the drivers from Mara House, we just always felt in good hands as we zipped back and forth fulfilling a life’s dream.

I just need to go back soon to continue!”

TOURS IN LUXOR – 2 Day Tour from Safaga to Luxor.

We will pick you up from the exit gate of the Port at Safaga in air-conditioned mini-bus and transfer you to Mara House – stopping off first to visit the temples at Karnak and Luxor.  You will enjoy a relaxing night at Mara House and after breakfast the following day – take the full tour of the 6 sites on the West Bank before being transferred back to your cruise ship at Safaga.  Please contact Mara for prices.


  • Transfer from Safaga to Luxor
  • Transfer back to Safaga from Luxor
  • Tour to 6 sites on West Bank
  • Tour to Karak and Luxor Temples
  • Egyptologist Guide
  • All Entry Fees
  • All Transfers
  • One night at Mara House including breakfast on the second day.

Contact Mara for availability and pricing

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