We will take you sailing on the Nile in Luxor with Amr and Captain Mahmoud – sit back, relax, feel the wind on your face and the warmth of the sun, watch the fishermen, wildlife and children playing along the river banks – leave the world, your sightseeing and your cares behind and treat yourself to a time-out, chill-out day!

Fellucca Sailing – Luxor

Having taken such a day out myself I can highly recommend it and can’t believe we did not do this before! We boarded at 11.00am – my son, 2 year old grandson, Amr from Mara House and myself, with some refreshing fruit and beverages (as you can see)

“oohh I do love strawberries!”

By 2pm we had worked up an appetite for the picnic we brought with us – to be honest I was so calm and relaxed by the time we docked at 5pm – it was unreal – as you can see Little Jonny agrees!

“Tummy full – time for quick nap”

A book, a glass of wine or bottle of cold beer, sunshine, the gently rocking of the boat and good company, what more could one ask for?

“So much fun on this little boat, I can run around and it’s perfectly safe!”

This is a peaceful experience not to be missed and can be added on to our 3 night Luxor Package.

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