Following up on my TripAdvisor saga.  Just another example to illustrate how they don’t appear to either read/comprehend what they are doing regarding reviews nor have an internal owner account filing system to track what they do to us.

This is the latest email from them entitled – Your Review Dispute and below it you can read the review the email refers to.  (bear in mind he is talking about a glowing review here, not a negative one, but he obviously never read the review he is referring to as he is assuming I disputed a negative one)

Dear TripAdvisor Listing Owner,
Thank you for expressing your concern about the following review: (the only concern I raised was that is was one of 14 delete all together – yet the writer here is assuming I was disputing a negative review)
Title: The only way to see Egypt

We have completed our investigation of your concern and have made appropriate changes to the site. (meaning they deleted the review) Although the review in question was found to violate our guidelines, (note no specific details on the nature of the violation) please be aware that this member may resubmit an edited version of this review that meets our guidelines. (meaning I should keep a lookout for a second negative review from the reviewer).

In that case, we encourage you to use our management response feature which lets you respond to the review and tell your side of the story. Your management response will appear alongside the review it refers to, so that travelers can read both perspectives.
TripAdvisor Support Team

Below is the review he is referring to and which was deleted.

“I have always wanted to go to Egypt.  By accident I ran across Mara House while looking for another trip elsewhere. This was the best accident I have ever had! Unbelievable!

My first concern was safety. Mara put my mind at ease right away and told me it was very safe. Right she was – I NEVER once felt unsafe or the least bit uneasy. The Egyptian people are so wonderful. They are friendly and always willing to help no matter what you need. A nice place to eat, directions, or just crossing the street.

My husband and I went on an 11 day tour – This is a small group tour which started in Cairo, went to Luxor, then Aswan with a Nile cruise.

Ahmed was our tour guide/manager. He was amazing!!! Ahmed met us at the airport with a smile on his face which never left for the entire 11 days. He took us to the Steigenberger Hotel in Cairo and made sure we were checked in and our luggage was in our room.

The next day we started our amazing/unforgettable adventure. We did it all ? Valley of the Kings- King Tut’s Tomb, Seti Tomb; Giza – went into the great pyramid up to the King’s chamber and had a camel ride, saw an ancient boat, and the sphinx.. Valley of the Queens – Nefertari Tomb … Cairo – Sufi dance, Garbage City, Cave Church, Abdeen Palace, City of the Dead… Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan – Philae, Nubian Village, held crocodiles, went into a classroom for kindergarten; what adorable children. We saw countless temples and tombs – We went to Antiquities Museum which was amazing.

I could go on for hours talking about how wonderful this trip was and everywhere we went; but it was Mara’s guide, Ahmad who made it special. We were never out of Ahmed’s sight. He went out of his way to make sure our trip was something special and unforgettable – he succeeded!

There are also two Egyptologists – Mohammad and Mohammad (Mo). They had so much information on each place we visited. Both were amazing and so sweet. The three of them really made you feel like you were family. It was like you knew them for years after meeting them.

Bob and I were so comfortable at all times. I could really go on for hours telling you about how wonderful this trip is – but you have to experience it to really appreciate how great this trip can be. Don’t wait – Egypt is ready for tourists and going with this tour group is the only way to go.”

Reviewed on TripAdvisor – travelled as couple – Mara’s Group Trip October 2018. Deleted by TripAdvisor 25.10.2018

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