So far UK has been quiet in response to what is happening in Egypt and rightly so, with the exception of William Hague’s bit of non-specific waffle deploring deaths etc.

I am taking this opportunity to remember the UK responses to the London riots in 2011 – where mainly young people ran riot across London and Birmingham looting shops and causing mayhem.  The London riots were street riots, mainly not intent on murder and mutilation of whoever came their way. The London riots were nothing compared to what is happened in Egypt in the last few days.   Feel free to refer to my previous posts here for more information on that subject if you are not already familiar.

Briefly what is happening in Egypt is that the people on the 30th June called for President Morsi and MB Government to leave office.  30 million ppl approx went to the streets across Egypt and stayed there until on 3 July the army removed Morsi from office at the insistence of the people.

In accordance with the Constitution the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court became President and he appointed an interim government of experienced and professional civilians.

The Brotherhood then occupied two traffic intersections in the heart of Cairo for 6 weeks.  They were invited daily to peaceful reconciliation and participation in democratic process and politics.  They refused and still refuse.

The two sit-ins were warned daily for 42 days that they sit-ins would be removed.

After 42 days the security forces moved in, fired tear gas and the protesters returned live gunfire.  Over 600 people died incl over 60 police officers in the next few days.

The Brotherhood called for violence across the entire Country.  Over 80 churches were attacked, many burned and government offices set on fire.

Police and ordinary civilians were tortured, mutilated and murdered.

On 17th marches took place in some main towns across Egypt, there are numerous videos online of armed men in these marches.  In some locations the residents were able to prevent fires and chase away the Brotherhood.

Over 90 persons died and the Arab Construction Building and Blood Bank/clinics were burned out in central Cairo, the fire trucks prevented to respond by being shot at.

What happened in Egypt did not compare with the London riots.  Egypt is under a State of Emergency, a curfew is in place from 7pm to 6am and Egypt’s national security is at risk from terrorism – at the same time the Egyptian Army is fighting armed terrorist units in the Sinai.

The response of the International Community is out of all proportion.

The response of the International Media is out of all proportion, biased and reprehensable

To listen to EU, US government representatives and foreign media you would think that war engulfed the entire land of Egypt and that 80 million people were out killing each other!  Yes, I suppose that would make citizens in EU countries and the US complacent should their leaders decide this gave them cause to take control of the Suez Canal or even for NATO to set up camp on the borders of Egypt as they are doing on the Libya side of the Egyptian border……after all every dog knows that every invasion that has taken place under the US and EU blessing has not really been about establishing peace but

  • establishing chaos,
  • aiding the sales of their arms and….of course….
  • the subsequent fortunes to be made under the guise of “rebuilding” such as happened – uh excuse me…. did not happen in Iraq.  Was that money ever returned to the US taxpayers?

Remember the Invasion of Iraq – the weapons of mass destruction that never existed?  Remember all the lies that were ever given as grounds for invading countries across the world and keep your ears open for what you are being fed about Egypt.


  • 2 sit-ins in Cairo were disbanded after 7 weeks of stopping traffic and endangering national security, encouraging terrorism
  • Over 80 Christian churches were burned across Egypt
  • In some towns there have been incidents such as in Luxor on ONE day 3 establishements were burned.
  • In various towns pro-Morsi marches have been stopped before causing violence
  • the Egyptian army has apprehended several and also killed some terrorists blowing up monuments and police stations etc. in the Sinai
  • A group who barricaded themselves into Fetah Mosque in cental Cairo were evacuated
  • Brother of Al-Qaeda Leader has been arrested
  • Somewhere between 1000 and 1500 suspected terrorists are in custody awaiting questioning and investigation
  • Egypt has a CIVILIAN Government under Interim President Dr. Adly Mansour,
  • 79 million Egyptians both Christian and Muslim stand solidly behind the Interim Government, Army and Police
  • 79 million Egyptians are standing against terrorism
  • Contrary to international allegations General Sisi has no intention of becoming President of Egypt
  • Egypt is NOT on the brink of Civil War

Britain was allowed handle it’s street riots without overseeing, without threats from other countries, without condemnation.  Is there something different about Egypt being allowed conduct it’s own internal war against terrorists that I am missing here?

The following are some quotes from David Cameron UK Prime Minister on the London Riots 9 Aug 2011

“Let me, first of all, completely condemn the scenes that we have seen on our television screens and people have witnessed in their communities.

” people should be in no doubt that we will do everything necessary to restore order to Britain’s streets and to make them safe for the law-abiding.

“These are sickening scenes – scenes of people looting, vandalising, thieving, robbing, scenes of people attacking police officers and even attacking fire crews as they’re trying to put out fires. This is criminality, pure and simple, and it has to be confronted and defeated.

“I feel huge sympathy for the families who’ve suffered, innocent people who’ve been burned out of their houses and to businesses who have seen their premises smashed, their products looted and their livelihoods potentially ruined.

” we need even more robust police action

“we will do everything necessary to strengthen and assist those police forces that are meeting this disorder.

DAVID CAMERON on the London Riots 12 Aug 2011

There can be no excuse for what we saw: people going out, smashing down windows, stealing televisions and trainers and all the rest of it. It was criminality. It’s no good saying well I did that because it’s an unequal society. There’s simply no excuse for the lawbreaking, and we shouldn’t get into some mushy relativist argument that says somehow it’s ok.

Make no mistake – what you see happening today in Egypt is only one arm of the International Muslim Brotherhood and they wait in every country until the opportune moment to strike in any way that furthers their aim to rule the world in the name of Allah.  I am not referring here to ordinary muslims who do not condone the Brotherhood actions or beliefs at all.  How do you know who the extremists are?  They are currently vocal on your TV, on social media and speaking from positions of power in support of the Brotherhood and their words work to rein in and undermine the Egyptian Army and Egypt’s Civilian Government.

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  1. Like the rhyme Hague and Vague 🙂 See Lisa if international media were doing their job as in writing stories answering Who, What, Why, Where, When and How – you wouldn’t have to ask those questions because all would be clear. Sad for journalism. Lets start….The 30 or so million people on the streets on 30 June called for Morsi to leave for 4 days. When he didn’t the same ppl called on the Army to make him leave or else they would and that would have been instant civil war. People would not leave the streets ALL OVER Egypt unless he was ousted. So the army obliged. As in the Constitution the Army then appointed the Head of the Supreme Court as interim President. HE then appointed the Ministers. So other than physically removing Morsi to prison BECAUSE there were treason charges pending against him also – that is all the army did. We don’t have a military dictatorship. We have a Civilian Government and President and they have been calling the shots – the Army and Police are carrying out orders under the powers designated them under the State of Emergency declared by the Pres & PM. Over and over Gen Sisi has declared he is not interested and has no intention of governing Egypt. He has declared that for him it is a bigger honour to guard and protect Egypt than to rule it. The constitution has been revised in the time it was given. It is now going for debate by a panel of 50 experts. After that public debate and a referendum on it. Then Presidential elections in about 9 months. Then Parliamentary Elections. All very peaceful and democratic. Mubarak has been released BECAUSE no proof was presented to substantiate the criminal charges. He has one more charge but law forbids he is held in prison on that one. So he is out on bail. Because of the State of Emergency he is under house confinement to avoid any more excitement or disruption here. His sons are still remanded on charges. He is 84 and not going anywhere in politics. But support for him to be left alone is running high especially because people have compared the Morsi year and the last 2 and half years against his rule and found his to be better. We are NOT under martial law. We are living normally under at State of Emergency meaning a national state of alert. We have a curfew in the towns and cities that were affected by the violence. Luxor is not under curfew. Muslim B. aim was political Islam, they had it for a year. It failed. MB are finished on that angle in Egypt. Their violence has destroyed their talk about following God, doing good, being peaceful, helping your neighbour etc. Only problem now is not really for Egypt but with the US and EU. They are always 3 – 4 weeks minimum too slow in responding to ANY crisis – look at Japan – international community is not moving at all, our oceans are under threat from radiation, therefore mankind’s survival is at stake – what are they doing? IDIOTS!. So now EU and US are spending millions of tax payers money still debating what to do about Egypt when A. there is nothing they can do and B It’s over! Thanks for the offer of safety – maybe I’ll take a holiday from all this nonsense!

  2. William Hague is always vague and Cameron is now dealing with the Big Rock, our RN is out in force on its way down to southern med and beyond I guess! Back to Egyptian events, seems rather bizarre that the institution responsible for ousting Mubarak (by revolution is also responsible for ousting Morsi and Co by popular demand. My question is as a military wing where do their powers end, from the outside it looks like military dictatorship all over again, they must be laughing little apples!” By the way Mubarak seems very perky all of a sudden! let’s hope your prediction comes right and you are right it is the younger generations who are capable of bringiing about huge change and the possibility of ‘peace’ around the ME. However, i can’t see that happening under the restraints of martial law. So enjoy your posts and should events really turn bad we aren’t too far away!!