You should ask your own doctor because he knows you and your medical history best.  What they will recommend for Egypt will be polio, tetanus, hepatitis B, typhoid.  Some people think they have to get anti malaria medication but you definitely don’t need to get malaria shots.  There is no malaria in Egypt.

Whether you feel you need to be vaccinated against any of the other stuff depends on how you feel about vaccinations in general.  Personally, I am not a fan and have not have had any shots for anything prior to or after coming here.  But you must ask your own doctor.


You should make sure you have an adequate supply of any medication you are taking.   But if you run out you should be able to replace it.  Most pharmacies in Egypt have someone who speaks English and they are very good at recommending medication similar to your own if a specific brand is not available. Also no shortage of pharmacies anywhere in Egypt.

One thing that is a good idea to buy when you are here and take home with you is Antinal – it is not available in many countries outside and I have had contact from a few guests who fell ill on the way home and wished they had taken Antinal with them.  It is the most effective medicine for what we call the “Egyptian Tummy Bug

Most Common Questions Asked About Egypt