What crosses your mind when you think about going on holiday – anywhere in the world?  All or most of the following run through my mind depending on where I am thinking of going:

“I want this to be a really fantastic holiday – God knows I can do with it!!”

“What is there to do and see there?  I don’t want to miss out on anything – but I want to relax too!”

“Where do I start in organising this?  And…what ads or whose info can I trust?  Naturally they all want me to buy/book them.”

“I don’t speak the language, do they speak mine?  How will I know what they are saying?  How can I be sure I am not going to be ripped off and taken advantage of?   How will I know I am paying the right price for anything?  Are taxes include?  What about hidden extras?  How much will I need to cover possible emergencies or unforseen expenses?”

“With everything going on in the world – is it even safe to go there?  Oh God!  This is so stressful – will I bother?!”

I recently went to New York for 3 weeks – despite having my questions answered by a friend before going there – I was not properly prepared when it came to the best shoes and clothes to wear, the humidity, and I most definitely was not prepared for the cost of even basic food items.  Some of the shops included taxes in the displayed price and some did not;  most shops included taxes in some of their displayed prices and not in others so the checkout was always a nightmare.  In Ireland and Egypt we weigh food in kg whereas in New York they were weighing it in lbs.  The price of fruit for example was displayed per lb not per amount packaged on display – I had many costly mistakes such as paying $8 for some grapes that I thought were only $4 and without a scales at the fruit counter how was I going to have any idea what the potatoes etc. I wanted to buy were going to end up costing????

Tipping was another problem because I was not prepared for the scale of it.  That was because I was so used to having American tourists in Egypt ask me how much they should tip that I was unaware they are expected to tip practically everywhere at home.  Enough of my New York adventure -the point is I was unable to prepare myself properly.

When I first came to Egypt I also felt that even though I had the best holiday ever – had I been better prepared the trip would have been even more memorable.  That is why, over the years, I have been writing so many tips and pieces of travel advice here on my website.

Now, for anyone coming to Egypt, wanting to be prepared, wanting to experience the best, wanting to avoid the pitfalls and stresses of trying to find all the answers as well as the fear of missing out on something great, I am going that little bit further and providing the best experience possible for visitors to Egypt.

We are offering “Egypt with Mara” package – seriously, this is what I would want myself from a few days in Egypt!