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I know some of you are following my posts here for the political info they contain but this post is a little different.  You see I am ‘into’ the alternative.  I keep coming across info and mostly I forget to bookmark it, remember where I found it or whatever.  I take on board what sticks with what I already know and so it becomes part of what I KNOW.

Somewhere I came across the info that the end of June and beginning of July 2013 was going to be a significant turning point for humanity.  The ‘energy’ or life force running through and around us and everything else was going to take a dramatic turn, change or shift….ok, shift is the word – a shift in consciousness.  A few days ago a friend sent me the info about the 28th June being the “zero point field of the Apocalyptic force” and that gelled with some stuff from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth so I wrote the post “Egypt fulfils 2 prophesies on 30th June.

So 28th June marked a turning point for Egypt.  30th June marked an even bigger turning on the road.  1st July appears to mark a day when the high, vibrational energies of the Egyptian people can no longer be contained.

Let’s backtrack.  We are, broadly speaking, talking here about 2 opposing forces in Egypt.  One is President Morsi with his Muslim Brotherhood.  The second is pretty much EVERYONE else in Egypt.  I have to say here that from my experience of Law of Attraction everything is obvious.  For at least 6 months, if not more, it has become apparent to even the most illiterate of the Egyptian people that something was amiss in the government; apparent to everyone not associated with, or a member of, the Muslim Brotherhood that is.

What follows is something that the media – foreign media cannot understand or get a handle on – just been watching CNN’s ‘Connecting the World’ with Becky Anderson – I’m afraid she doesn’t understand Egypt at all.  She was sneering at Bassem Sabry about the Egyptian Army, shocked when he said that 94% (I think) of the Egyptian people held the Egyptian Army in high esteem and that as turmoil grows Egypt army rule finds new support!  Doubly shocked when he said it was the single, biggest most respected institution in Egypt.  You see her problem was that she paid too much attention to Twitter last time round and like the rest of the foreign media – their ‘experts’ are usually not that ‘au fait’ with what is happening at grassroots level, possibly anywhere in the world.

What is happening in Egypt is a classic and MAJOR example of Law of Attraction.  On the one hand you have a MASSIVE number of people APPARENTLY protesting AGAINST Morsi, MB, fuel shortages, price rises, power cuts, rising unemployment, poverty, loss of income etc etc etc.  That is a negative force and focusing on it can only increase it, but, luckily for the Egyptian people they spend a lot of time sleeping and a lot of time dreaming.  And what is underlying all that bad stuff is a much, much stronger DESIRE for circumstances conducive to a normal life, jobs, income, electricity, fuel for their cars, spending money, marriage, children, comfortable homes, freedom to speak their minds, freedom to travel – in short a normal lifestyle. These are good, healthy, normal desires that don’t threaten, hurt, dominate or destroy anyone.

This is something most of the population enjoyed most of the time under Mubarak.  They knew it before and they want it back.  They YEARN for it; they remember it; they clamour for it.  So this is the positive force of DESIRE.  Now put millions of people with exactly the same desires together and NO FORCE on Earth can stand against it,  can stop it manifesting….NOTHING!  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, NOT ALL THE FORCES OF HELL CAN STAND AGAINST IT!

Now on the other hand, you have the Muslim Brotherhood.  I was about to say “I don’t want to demonise anyone” but to be honest their aims seem demonic to me, I have to admit it.  You have thousands of people who purport to follow Islam – just like 90% of the first lot of people I just spoke of – they are all ISLAMISTS.  However, there is a huge difference.  The MB; the second lot of people want to control everyone and everything in every aspect of their lives.  Not only do they not want to share power; they don’t want to share their vision; they don’t want to share their plans.  They think nothing of subjugating anyone not belonging to their tribe.  They lie, they make and break promises.  They treat the general population like idiots.  Some have joined their ranks in the hope of getting positions of power and payment of some kind for surrendering control of their own mental abilities.  They function like a group of zombies under the control of a central computer.

So, you see – in Egypt you have two groups of people.  The first group wanting a normal life of freedom generating an ENORMOUS amount of what I will call ‘pulling power’ as regards manifestation energy.  Then you have a second lot of people pushing against the freedom and prosperity desires of the first group, wanting to enslave and control them.  I know this sounds a little weird and you may want to read some of these lines a few time because confusion has also been the name of the MB game – on another level of consciousness.

They called themselves ‘the FREEDOM & JUSTICE party because they knew that freedom and justice was what the masses of Egyptians wanted.  But in reality freedom and social justice for the masses was what the Muslim Brotherhood PUSHED AGAINST from the first day they took power.  They planned, connived and forced so many things into being that contravened the desires of the majority of Egyptians.

Under the Universal, Cosmic Law of Attraction this could not continue.  So, as the Muslim Brotherhood intensified their PUSHING AGAINST real freedom and justice for the masses, so the DESIRE in the minds and hearts of the masses FOR freedom and justice magnified also.

Let me explain a very important point here: the stronger your desire for something the more likely it is to materialize; on the other hand the more you fear or push against something the more likely that is to materialize.  So we manifest 2 things – our greatest fears and our greatest desires.

In the above groups we had one pushing FOR something and a directly opposing force pushing AGAINST the same thing – that same thing being FREEDOM & JUSTICE for ALL.  Universal Law of Attraction dictates that freedom and justice for the masses HAS TO MATERIALISE under those conditions, the only question was “when?”

According to the information I found, today the 1st July is the beginning of a new dawn for humanity.  I can feel the shift today, without setting foot outside my door.  The energy of the 2nd revolution in Egypt permeates my house – I got 3 hotel bookings today and sold my first piece of jewellery on Etsy.com!  Outside of that, I feel freer, more alive, more optimistic and lighter than I did yesterday!   I can feel the future of Egypt is going to be mind-bogglingly great – unless they allow their energies and desires to be screwed up by ‘pushing against’ something again.

I can feel that Egypt could quite possible surprise the world.  I heard President Obama – you know I hate sounding anti-American and I love having American guests here, they are lovely people – it’s just their foreign policies and administration lies stick in my throat so much of the time!  Anyway Obama was waffling on about how it took the US over 200 years to get the hang of DEMOCRACY (have they?  really? seriously like?) and how could anyone possibly expect a county like Egypt to perfect it in a year or even 2, 3 or 4 years???

Well, I think Egypt will surprise the world – oh yeah, someone else said on foreign TV that the Egyptians themselves don’t know what they want, they are so divided.  Well, I think Egypt looks pretty united to me today!  I believe Egypt will learn from past lessons, from what they have seen abroad and may very well simplify this whole Democratic stuff quite easily and quickly!  Might even end up being the “Model” that everyone is looking to follow!

Last time, in Jan 25 the revolution was ‘handed over to the Muslim Brotherhood’ or ‘stolen’ whichever you like, because the Egyptian people got crossways of their own desires.  They allowed their minds to be filled with fears by the muslim brotherhood on one hand and the revolutionaries’ mad campaign against SCAF on the other hand.  Now they have the possibility of having everything they DESIRE, I hope they won’t let miserable, pessimistic and fearful idiots screw with their minds and instill fear again.

As for the members of the Muslim Brotherhood – IF they are not really zombies without minds I wish them the best and hope they wake up, open their minds and see they are but pawns in the Game of Dominion from which the majority of Egyptians are now extricating themselves.

Oh God!  my post is gone so loonnggg again and I do so want to keep them shorter!  So Sorry!

P.S. anyone wanting to know more about Law of Attraction can go to YOUTUBE and search for “Esther Hicks” + almost any subject you like 🙂


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  1. “I am ‘into’ the alternative” and “I came across the info that the end of June and beginning of July 2013 was going to be a significant turning point for humanity. The ‘energy’ or life force running through and around us and everything else was going to take a dramatic turn, change or shift”
    Or alternatively; NOT! lol.

    Mara, you know how much I love Egypt, and that I fervently hope and pray that her people will soon enjoy the freedom and prosperity that they desire so much. If they have to wait for the rest of ‘humanity’ to turn around, they’ll be waiting till Kingdom come!