What to Take to Egypt

Mara - owner of Mara House standing in reception area of Mara House Luxor

Your check-list for what to take to Egypt

  • Your “Go-Everywhere-With-Me” bag.  This is the bag that goes out with you everywhere.  It should contain your bottle of water, Antinal tablets, sanitary wipes or spray, anti-histamine cream, insect-repellant, sun screen, sun glasses, headache tablets, plenty of small notes for tipping (my post on Tipping in Egypt), business card for the hotels etc. you are staying (in case you get lost!), camera, tissues, mobile phone. Other items you might consider would be a small torch, pens for children you may want to give gifts to, a disinfectant spray for cuts & grazes and some plasters.

Apart from your ‘go-everywhere-with-me bag you might consider the following

Spritzer bottle – a small spray bottle which you can keep refilling with cold water could turn out to be your best friend!  Funny enough, if you use a little fan to cool down your face you will actually get hotter because your body is getting the message that your face is colder than the rest of your body so your face will get even hotter, while a spray of water gives you instant relief and acts the same as your body when it sends moisture to your skin to cool you down.

I recommend traveling to Egypt with as little luggage as possible.

I have had too many guests arrive at Mara House with lost luggage problems.  Sometimes they are lucky and it is found and delivered quickly – other times they are not so lucky.

Put everything of value into your Carry-On Bag.  I don’t just mean jewellery/money.  I mean whatever you need to get you through the first 24 hours in Egypt.

  • your medicines
  • one change of clothes
  • lap-top
  • toiletries (not all hotels supply toiletries.  If arriving late you might not want to go to nearest chemist to buy)
  • ladies – if you are going to need tampons, bring them with you. Not readily available in Egypt but panti pads and towels are easy to get in every chemist/pharmacy.  LOTS of pharmacy shops here.
  • electrical equipment
  • cameras etc – they are expensive here.

Don’t forget a Power Converter and electrical socket adapters.  Most hotels only have one or two sockets so a small extension cord with 3 or 4 extra sockets is best if you are going to need to charge laptop/tablet, phones and whatever – especially if sharing a room.  It is so frustrating to not be able to use your electronics.  Egypt uses 2-prong round pinned sockets and the voltage is 220.  Also a good ideas are

  • Travel Alarm Clock – you cannot depend on wake-up calls,
  • Hairdryer – if you absolutely cannot be seen without using one after washing your hair.  They are only sometimes supplied in the hotels.
  • Really good Ear-Plugs!  Practice using them at home first as they can be annoying when first using them.  I am not writing this to put you off coming to Egypt – not at all, I really want you to come and especially to stay at Mara House 🙂  but, seriously every city has it’s noises and we learn to live with them and mostly tune them out….so here is why you need to bring ear-plugs to Egypt.

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