Retirement, forced retirement, unemployment in a country experiencing economic disaster, losing a business, physical incapacity, old-age resulting in deteriorating physical mobility, imprisonment, losing children or family whether because they have grown up, moved away or lost through divorce etc. – it strikes me that for a person with an active mind accustomed to leading an active life seven days a week, whichever one of the above scenario you fit into – the end result is the same.

It is an end result that nobody can possibly imagine until -and I say “until” because it comes to everyone of us, except of course you meet with a sudden death! What does one do when you find yourself in that position?  What do you do when there is nothing you can do to change your position?  Do you grieve?  Because it is a kind of “death” experience.  Do you rant and rave and scream in frustration?  Do you find a building to jump off of?  When there is absolutely nothing you can do to change your position, your location, your circumstances and the purpose you had in life – the reason you got out of bed everyday and things you had to do everyday disappears overnight……..what do you do?

If you are not physically bound to your location what do you do?  Do you look for another purpose?  Another reason to get out of bed tomorrow morning?  How?  When you reach an age or a stage in life that you have done everything you want to do but your mind is still as sharp as ever…..what do you do?

Have you found yourself in this position?  I would like to know what you did, or what you are doing if still experiencing this “limbo”  Would you share your story with me here?

When there is nothing to do – what do you do?


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