If  you are sitting watching BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera or Press TV you will notice that they are having a really good go at creating by virtual reality.  For those of us watching these channels and then also having the chance to listen to state TV or go into the streets in Cairo you would see there are two or more sides of the story.

It is indeed true that reality is whatever you want it to be, whatever you focus on and whatever you believe.  Here, in Egypt there are obviously not only two sides (at minimum because I am not taking into account the sideliners with their own particular agendas) to the situation but that the two sides are equally convinced that the way they are looking at the events unfolding is the reality.

I wish both could leave the emotion aside and come together to dialogue.  They will have to do so eventually anyway so why not now?

I wish the media would present the facts in impartial manner and leave the conjecture and bias aside.

I wish we could see the faces behind the movement in Tahrir Square.  There seems to be many and at the same time none.  But who is their choice for the next President of Egypt?  Egypt is going to need a strong leader to replace President Mubarak…………….but nobody is presenting himself.

If there is somebody out there with the courage to take the position and the strength to lead Egypt where is he?  Don’t you think he should have the courage to stand at the head of those in Tahrir Sq. now?  Shouting from the sideline and letting others do the hard work and possibly give their lives is not good enough……let us see the new President of Egypt!

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