Let’s get to the root of my anger.  Isn’t it romantic to be able to say “I survived a revolution!”  Believe me there is nothing romantic about it – that is just a notion.  The revolution of 2011 was not bad at all – to be honest I spent most of those days in Cairo to be able to witness for myself what was going on because the media was driving me mad – I could not imagine with my knowledge of Egypt that everything they were reporting was true.  Also nothing was happening in Luxor – people did not seem to be aware there was much happening at all.

So for 2011 and the first 6 months of 2012 I did better than most others in Luxor in the sense that I have a small place and a good reputation.  June 2012 to 30 June 2013 on the other hand under President Morsi life went from bad to worse.  In fact it became unreal.  Up to 2011 I seldom had time to watch TV so I was not tuned into the injustices of life – I had enough of that in my previous life in Ireland anyway.  Up to 2011 I was tuned into the needs and happiness of guests – end of story.  From 2012 onwards my senses were heightened.  Boy! was I tuned into the injustices now  – with nothing to do I vegetated in front of the TV with intermittent bouts of energy and activity when I went ballistic on one project after another – kinda like a rat in a trap.

In the middle of writing this I am watching Obama on the Jay Leno Show – what does it say about a democracy when the President has to gather popularity rating on a TV talk show!?

Ok. here is why I am soooo angry and resentful now.  First of all (please stop and think about this and if you are muslim man please, please forget about the 72 virgins waiting for you in heaven!).  First of all WE ALL ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE!  You got it?  You have one life.  I have one life.  If you have taken a minute to close your eyes and think about that – you will realise that EVERY MINUTE of that one life is fucking as precious as GOLD dust!  Every minute!  No emails please from advanced souls about my next statement.  So me, being an “old soul” as well as a somewhat “advanced soul” – I get really pissed of at people whom I perceive to be messing around with the precious moments of ANYONE on the planet. The usual suspects in this scenario are usually those with or in, some kind of position that gives them POWER over others.  It makes me absolutely furious to see injustice and senseless poverty or killings.

On 30 June 2012 Morsi became President of Egypt and after that he proceeded to systematically screw around with people’s lives and liberty.  He was a president for the muslim brotherhood (herein after referred to by MB) not a president of the people.  He and his people were responsible for torture and death, deprivation and poverty.  On 30 June 2013 Egyptians had enough.  For about 4 months prior to that the presidence was on notice that Tamarod was gathering a petition against Morsi and a protest would be held by ordinary citizens across the county on 30 June 2013.  That date came and 30 MILLION people filled every square in every town and city across the country in an unprecedented show of solidarity and rebellion.  Now, there is a revolution full of romance!  They called on the General Sisi and the Egyptian Army (remember everyone has a family member in the army at some time here) to come join them, protect them and remove the dictator from power.  A story previously never heard in any country across the world was now taking place in Egypt.  I felt, temporarily, more patriotically Egyptian than Irish.

My anger and resentment replace my joy when I realise the entire world was against us!  Did they not know what we had been through?  Did they not care how we had been suffering under that dictator?  Then General Sisi called for confirmation of our mandate on the 24 July by going to the streets again on 26 July.  Yes, I have started to say ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ when speaking about Egypt!  On 26 July everyone duly turned out!  Then the onslaught from the foreign governments and media became a real circus.  Then my imagination went into overdrive.  Then I began spending HOURS every day and sometimes night on Twitter, like a demented person spewing anti-Morsi, anti-MB, anti-American and sometimes anti-European sentiments.

When I went out I was besieged with questions from ordinary folk, educated and uneducated about what was going on – why was the world against them?  Why did the world want Morsi in power over them?  What was Obama doing?  Why did Obama agree to the ousting of Mubark, never send him visitors or see if he was ok?  In contrast why was Obama and the American government as well as EU representatives so worried about Morsi?  What was going on with the world?  I didn’t know.  I could only guess at every conspiracy theory I had ever heard and disregarded.

The delusion of no tourists because we had no security since 2011 fades into the past as I now realise we do have a real security problem and a real terrorist threat in Egypt, but wait not just in Egypt – you have it in your country too.   To a degree it is still safe to come to Egypt, to avoid the hot spots.  It would still be possible to set up Luxor and Aswan to make it safe from terrorism as they did after the massacre at Hatshepsut’s Temple in 1997.

As a result of all the support from Europe and the United States the MB have set up their tents in Rabaa Al Adaweya and at Nahda in Giza – they have been there for 5 weeks now.  Over those 5 weeks we have confirmed they have kidnapped, tortured and killed people and thrown their bodies in trash cans and in the street as in this Human Rights report  which declares 82 killed and 44 tortured by the muslim brotherhood – this report does not take into account the murdered soldiers or those tortured and killed outside the Presidential Palace a few months ago by the MB.  We have seen and heard on TV the leaders of the MB from inside and outside of Egypt calling their supporters to protest and murder as here where Pro-Morsi Wahhabis Vow to burn everyone opposed to them.  We have watched as members of the muslim brotherhood kill Egptians by pushing them from buildings .   We have heard of the involvement of Morsi and the MB with Palestinian Hamas and Al Qaeda.  On the opposite side of all this terror the amazing  Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy showed how leaders should conduct themselves and, once again, answered the usual stupid allegations against Egypt on BBC’s HARDTALK

By the way neither Morsi nor MB are currently in prison for political reasons.  They are charged with criminal and terrorist activities against Egypt.  The first court appearance is the 25 Aug.  So how the foreign community asks for their release is beyond me.   Khairat Shater has made the connection between the terrorist attacks in Sinai and the MB.  He has said that as soon as Morsi is restored to the Presidency the attacks in the Sinai will immediately cease.  Would you like those guys to be governing your country?  If even 1- 2 million went to the streets in most countries the government would step aside, not these guys in the face of 33 million wanting them out.  Their aim is religious domination of the entire country enforced by terrorism.

We have listened to the US wiffling and waffling as to whether it was a coup or it was not a coup.  We heard John Kerry declare it was a revolution.  Then we watched in disbelief yesterday as Senators McCain and Graham declared from Cairo it was a coup.  But Obama knew they would do this – they have been trying to cut the aid to Egypt by declaring it a coup since the 30th June, yet Obama gave them his blessing to come to Egypt to cause chaos and insult the Egyptian people again.  We have been through all this and wonder why the ordinary people in Europe, Asia, Russia and the United States do not challenge their media and their governments and send us their support.  This may well be the single international incident which directly affects the entire world.

How does this concern you, outside of Egypt?  It concerns you because the ordinary people of Egypt, as a nation are now confronting terrorism.  We are confronting Al Qaeda whose flags are flying over the protests, marches and were carried on that roof top where those young men were thrown to their deaths and butchered with knives.  It concerns you because members of the muslim brotherhood from all over the world have come to join the protests in Egypt – from your country!   How do we know?  Because they have been giving interviews on Al Jazeera – members and supporters from America and even DUBLIN!  You don’t think this is important?  Wait until they are camped outside your front door demanding Sharia Law and prayer calls at 3am!  You are not just watching a protest in Egypt – you are watching the seeds of your own revolutions fostered at a future time by civil discontent.

We cannot figure out the attitudes of Catherine Ashton from the EU, the attitude of the Swedish, German and French Foreign Ministers, the African Union.  We understand Patterson, McCain, Graham and Obama from the US.  We understand Qatar’s involvement and attitudes because they are the main financial contributors to MB et al and were intent on buying Egypt out.  Hell, one of them even wanted to take over the Giza Plateau and Luxor for 10 years!

For 5 weeks Egypt has been fighting media and governments to make you understand what is happening in Egypt.  Today it ended.  The circus of international mediators have gone home having been unsuccessful in persuading the MB to move on a single issue, having heard them refuse to negotiate, refuse to be part of the democratic process, refuse to have the political party speak for them.  They have one aim – restoration to full power or death.  They have declared they will settle for nothing less.  So, the circus is over, Ramadan is over.  Egyptian Government, International Mediators and General Sisi have done everything they can to resolve this in a peaceful and democratic way.  What happens in the next few days is now up to the Muslim Brotherhood.  The squares will be cleared.  Normal life has to resume here.  The Army has their mandate.  It would be nice if you understood that we are all ONE and if we are not ONE in the war on terror …………..where Egypt is today you could be tomorrow.

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