I get asked this question quite a lot “Why are you changing it?”  First of all, life is always changing, isn’t it?  Just when I think I have got what I offer as good as is possible, another new idea or realisation hits me.  I really don’t know what drives me when it comes to Egypt, Mara House and those I attract to my tours etc.  I have this understanding of, and feeling for, Egypt that I can neither understand nor explain.

I feel compelled – in the nicest possible way – to try to share my understanding of, and love for this county with anyone interested.  While Egypt is actually on the African Continent it is politically always associated with the Middle East and that area gets such bad press, it is appalling.  I want everyone who comes into contact with my colleagues to go home and tell everyone who asks about their trip, that the entire world has got the wrong idea altogether about Egypt, the people and their lifestyle.  I want them to be so convincing that they have their friends lining up to plan their own trip to Egypt.

The Egyptians are, at heart, and in their interactions with everyone, warm and friendly people with a very relaxed attitude towards life and everyone.  I want people who come to stay at Mara House and on our tours to experience that for themselves and I believe we succeed in doing that.

I am always changing our offers, tours and the way we do things because I want you to come to Egypt and feel like you died and went to Heaven.  I would like you to feel going home like you feel when you have been to movies and seen the best, most uplifting movie of your life and you were the main character in the movie.

I want you to hear the stories of the people and the places, then go home feeling so inspired that you just keep on researching more about them, and you feel compelled to come back.

I want you to feel like you have been pampered and treated like royalty – I don’t mean the bowing and scraping kind of treatment – I mean the genuine care and attention to detail kind of treatment that royalty expect.  I want you to get the sense when Ahmed meets you at the airport that you don’t have to think or plan another thing until he drops you back to the airport.  I want you to have the experience that everything you could possibly need has been taken care of in advance and everything is in hand.

We are not there yet 100% but that is why Mara keeps changing things.

If you are thinking you would like to see Egypt with me personally you should do your best to make your trip in 2019 as, at this present time, I have no plans for personal group trips in 2020.