“Egypt has set a dangerous precedent for itself.   By popular demand from the street they have overthrown the democratically elected President and Government, instead of taking due process and voting them out in the next election.  So, if the people don’t like the next government they will take to the streets and overthrow them also?”  This is the lament coming from all governments around the world in response to the unprecedented events in Egypt.

I am home in Ireland for a few days and just sat through all the news channells available from across the globe this morning, not just Egypt news but the news from every other country.  Is there any country in the world at the moment where a segment of the population is NOT on the street?  And what is happening the people on these protests?  Every single government is meeting the protesters with riot police and water cannons.  What is that?  Democracy?  Have we seen any government representative go down to the street to speak with the protesters?

So, the international community of  ‘people in power’ AKA governments are responding to the ‘situation’ in Egypt with a response of fear that is coming from their gut.  They are not concerned about true democracy being defeated in Egypt; they are concerned that THEIR particular brand of democracy has been shattered in Egypt.  Their particular brand of democracy has the world brainwashed into thinking that their goverments’ legitimacy comes only from the ballot box.  Ergo people should not complain when governments screw up.  No, the citizens should swallow the bitter pills and wait for the next election.

Egypt has shown the world that citizens do not have to keep on swallowing the bitter pills one after the other.  There comes a time when you cannot swallow any more.  It is still possible to fire a person from the private sector for not doing a good job, alhough this has been made very difficult in many places.  Now Egypt is showing that it is possible to literally give the red card to an entire government!  Now THAT, is real democracy at work.  For too long governments have not been accountable except at the ballot box.  I think that is about to change.

At least 33 MILLION people across the entire country took to the streets to speak from their hearts, to declare their willingness to die rather than be ruled for another day by a demonic, self-serving dictatorship even worse than the one they ousted 2 years previously.  It was a referendum by a body count as opposed to a piece of paper and words that could be twisted to confuse voters.  There was no confusion here.  Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood had done a bad job and were fired.  End of story.

The protest appears to be the biggest demonstration in the history of the world, not just Egypt.

There are two types of international governments decrying what has happened in Egypt.  One is the islamist governments in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Turkey etc. holding on by a string to their own power, they also are not delivering what is needed in their own countries so they are terrified that Egypt will repeat in those countries.  What has happened in Egypt signals the end of political Islam in it’s current dictatorial expression of power and subjugation.  The second type of government is the western governments who also are not delivering much to the benefit of their populance other than extreme hardship in their madness to balance financial books.  All now fear that people will think “If the Egyptians can do it, why can’t we?  Enough is Enough!”

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt were so obviously BAD for Egypt in everyway.  They were dictatorial and brutal to journalists, bloggers, media, the judiciary.  They tortured and killed people in plain sight, recorded the events on phones, allowed them to be shown to instill fear into people.  They wrecked what was left of the economy.  I am not going to repeat all this again.  In short the world saw, knew and did not interfere.  They stood behind the fact that Morsi was ‘democratically’ elected.  They ignored and are still ignoring the fact that he got a 51.75% majority in a turnout of 43% of voters in a run off election against a member of the Mubarak regime.  The world watched while they pushed through an injust and exclusive constitution, which has now, rightly, been thrown out.  When you stand by a corrupt regime – Egypt is what happens 🙂

The most ironic thing of all is that the 30th June did not come out of nowhere.  It was well advertised all over the world for about 2 months in advance.  However, neither Morsi, the Brotherhood nor the outside world took it seriously – after all the revolution of 2011 had been confined mostly to Tahrir Sq. and the Egyptians were desperate for stability.   Why on earth would you think the Egyptians would get off their asses (pun) and bother taking to the streets again?  Did everyone not see that Morsi was so deluded and is still so deluded into thinking he is all powerful that even on 30th when the masses turned out he was still not copping on and trying to find a solution that would allow them to share power?  No, because the radical and fundamentalist Islamists believe that absolute and dictatorial power is their’s by the power of Allah, therefore all opposing forces should die.

If you lived in Egypt and did not belong to the Brotherhood, you would have felt in every other Egyptian a quiet decision had been made; and that decision was calmly announced to the world over and over prior to the 30th June.  You could sense in Egyptians they had enough, enough of everything.  Life was no longer worth living this way.  30th June was the anniversay of Morsi’s one year in office and that was going to be his last.   But nobody listened…..nobody except for the Salafist Islamists that is.  The Salafists were smart, they saw the writing on the wall.  Morsi had not even shared power with them, and they were Islamists intent on Sharia Law.  The Salfists withdrew their support though they did not take to the streets on the 30th.  Even that news did not wake up Morsi or the world to what was coming.

So, in spite of the obvious failure on all fronts by Morsi’s government the world still insists that the Egyptians should keep him in power.  I suppose the thing is Egypt can’t possible deteriorate any further – is that their thinking?  Well, it can – it can topple into famine, starvation and disease, become another Ethiopia or Somalia.

The Egyptian people sayNo thank you, we will not continue that road.  We will fire the incompetent and we will self-determine our own future.  We request the Army to intervene to stop the bloodshed threatened us by Morsi and his militants.  We reject the allegations from outside our borders from the allies of those Islamist extremists that this is an army coup.  The army is stepping in to save lives.  We honour and respect their intentions and everyone outside condemning us for our actions should look to your own hearts and decide if you would like to be living under Morsi and Islamic militants.”

Egypt is bringing democracy back to basics.  Government is accountable to the street and if it does not perform in the interest of the country and the people – it will be fired – quickly.

Is your government accountable to you? For example is the United States of America following the wishes of the people when it establishes a world-wide surveillance system against friend, foe and patriot?  Or is this just an attempt at world domination as well as home domination – under the guise of homeland security.  Look at the millions of dollars spent on this at a time when poverty in the US is rife.  Is that democracy?  Is it the will of the American people that their government supports a terrorist organisation in power in Egypt?  Aren’t millions of dollars supposedly being spent fighting terrorism?  Then what is all this about?  Is it the will of the people that drones be deployed around the world to kill innocent people?  Be careful this kind of democracy will come back to bite you.

By the way – when I heard Morsi calling for Jihad against Assad in Syria I must say I questioned if I was on the right or wrong side in my thoughts on that conflict.  How could I be on the same side as Islamic Militants?  Something to think about.  Though I decry the deaths that Assad has caused I have to wonder if the conflict there has gone on so long the right side has now become the wrong side.  The involvement of Islamic militants against Assad gives the Syrian conflict a whole new dimension.  Plus, if the majority of syrians themselves did not revolt against Assad……that’s another question to think about.  I am just asking the question, I don’t know the answers.

Thankfully at least one nation is thinking clearly at the moment – that country is Egypt.

Though it appears to be standing alone, Egypt will learn from the mistakes of the past.  I fully expect Egypt to become the greatest modern democracy in world, minus all the crap existing in current world ‘democracies’ simple because it insists on a government that will be transparent, progressive and inclusive.

Oh, on that point of inclusivity.  Please stop crying about Morsi & Co. being arrested at the moment.  The situation must be contained.  Please remember these people are calling for JIHAD – holy war against the majority of the Egyptian people.   In this video Pro-Morsi vow wahabbis vow to fire bomb everyone opposed to them. For everyone’s safety and to prevent civil war, they must be contained until an inclusive agreement is reached.  Remember they are not asking for inclusion even now – they are asking for the annihilation of all standing against them, and to be restored to power.  The Muslim Brotherhood will be given the chance to participate democratically in Egypt when the time comes – but I sincerely doubt they will ever have a leg to stand on again based on their performance this year.

This post is aimed at the ears of ordinary people around the world – I hope you will start blogging, tweeting and facebooking in support of the new interim government in Egypt and recognise that the Egyptian army is the only intact army in the middle east now.  It has not gone to way with anyone in many years.  It ‘s intentions are to protect Egypt and it’s citizens and currently it means keeping two factions apart inside Egypt.  It is an honorable army and deserves international support.


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  1. Hi Lisa,
    Everyone in Egypt was ready to vote in elections after the exit of Mubarak and they showed up. As should probably have been expected in a country which didn’t really have fair elections previously the was a lack of political savvy and everything happened too fast. So when it came to presidential elections in the first round there were too many opposition candidates from the non-radical-islamist side running; the vote was split. Then in the run-off the choice was between a member of the old regime and a Muslim Brotherhood member – stuck between a rock and a hard place. Many did not vote and most who did were voting against the Mubarak era candidate rather than for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate – a fact that the Muslim Brotherhood did not heed enough. Had they heeded this fact and been a more inclusive presidency and government it is doubtful if the events of the past 2 weeks would have happened. They should have paid attention to the economy instead of their attention to power.
    Is there a party that can dominate? I don’t think so, I think they will have to play together if they are to prevent a re-occurance. Remember though there is a coalition at the moment – part of it is comprised of the Salafist Al-Noor party, who have a very radical Islamist agenda also 🙁 Just remains to be seen how far and how soon they will show this. Everything happens for a reason in the cosmic scale of things. The muslim brotherhood coming to power and ruining the country in the early stages of the revolution may well be the best lesson for Egypt and many other countries in the long run.

  2. Very eloquent mara and fascinating! Is there a party which IS capable of all the above? Ready for elections whenever that may be? If so why weren’t they successful previously? Why was the % of voters so low at such a critical point in modern egyptian political history? Maybe that was just meant to be the course of things in order to wake up the sleeping giant of a population! I can imagine the neighbouring countries are quaking in their boots!!